Mayuree Pechrnork Biography

Nationality Thai, born and living in Bangkok.


Mayuree found herself interested in stone jewellery. Starting in 2004 she took a short course of how to make jewellery. Since then she enjoyed creating her own stone jewellery. Her art began when she made some occasional presents out of stone beads and people started asking her to display her designs.

In 2006 she presented her design to public for the first time at an art fair in Bangkok and was commercially successful. Since that time, she was invited to display her design at an art gallery, 5 stars hotels, International fairs in Thailand. And she starts to export her jewellery to several countries in Asia and Europe.

In July 2007, Mayuree shows her design, Art & Jewellery Exhibition at the Art Palace in Koh Samui. After the show she was invited to display her jewellery at a boutique hotel, Nalinnadda in Samui where her jewellery has the 1st fashion show.

Not only commercially successful, ‘Mayuree’ becomes a local brand of stone jewellery. In 2009 she meets her goal to display her jewellery at one of the top class department stores in Asia, Siam Paragon.

At there her passion begins, she decided to re brand ‘MAYUREE’ and adjust the word of ‘Bangkok’ in order to heading for an international brand.
Art and Beauty:

Living life with art and beauty, Mayuree is not only making costume jewellery, she desire to create art in her jewellery. In September 2009, Mayuree was selected to join a workshop: Preciousness as Ideal and Reality in Contemporary Jewelry.

The workshop organized in Bangkok by Tanim:  Art and Contemporary Jewelry/Metalsmithing in Thailand. Lecture and Workshop by Alchimia School for Contemporary Jewelry, Italy

Education / Professions

Mayuree received her accounting diploma and worked 7 years at an import-export communications equipment company. She completes her Bachelor Degree in ‘Mass Communication’ and worked 10 years in an advertising agency while making stone jewellery as a hobby.  Currently Mayuree has her own business with friends doing business consultant and motivating people. She enjoys and feels that work and vacation are likewise. Apart of the business, Mayuree and her partners has an art gallery in Bangkok, Gallery Beyond.  For Jewellery, she has a shop ‘MAYUREE’ at The Exotique Thai, 4th Floor, Siam Paragon.

From Mayuree Pechrnork

I create jewellery with my happiness. When you wear my jewellery that makes me feel good as ‘My happiness can make you beauty’

Mayuree favorite words

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

Mayuree’s best partner

Not only Mayuree creating happiness jewellery…

Mayuree and Siriwan are two sisters.  We live our life with the spirit of love, beauty and design.  People think that we are twins but we are only in common.  We often have the same thinking. Our areas of life are likewise and our work experience is situated at the same companies. Nowadays we work together and enjoy creating beauty to people.

Our designs are combinations by both of us.  While Mayuree creates most pieces e.g. necklace, Siriwan creates accessories to match the set.  Siriwan’s design is in the mood and tone of sweet and warmness that expressed her personality.

We both enjoy creating jewellery with our own style. We wish our designs will enrich the beauty of people and that is the most of our happiness.

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